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Software Reengineering
Existing software systems need to move with the times too, evolving into state-of-the-art IT solutions that cater to expanding business needs, while preserving business rules and practices in the current system. The benefits for companies are two-fold: they can leverage their investments in the current system, as well as move out of proprietary and outdated technologies.

Our end-to-end software engineering services includes:
  • Assessing the customer's existing applications.
  • Identifying a strategic solution which involves defining the target architecture.
  • Executing the project using reverse engineering and forward engineering.
  • Implementing the solution and transition of the system through data migration, system testing, user training and support.

Recent software industry trends have dramatically increased the challenges of thoroughly testing applications and products. Shortened development cycles, distributed computing, multi-tier architectures and a plethora of technologies require strong combinations of experience, skills and expertise.