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Recruiting Top Talent
Eifer IT's Account Leaders and Technical Recruiters understand the technology areas and are experts at assessing the client requirements, interpreting them and qualifying the candidates using the PCI's own sourcing methodology perfected over the years. As is required by changes in technology, our Account team members undergo continuous training in IT areas and resourcing methodologies. They are also members of recruiting SIGs (Special Industry Group) where they share and learn industry best practices.

We qualify candidates through strict adherence to the traditional and time-tested process of multi-point contact, in-person interviews, tech-checks and reference checks. Our recruiters develop a strong understanding of a candidate's skills, preferences, strengths and weaknesses to ensure the best match in terms of assignments, as well as to help them further their career. As required by our client, we also perform a background check and drug testing.

We value our relationship with consultants as much as we value that with our clients, and strive to ensure longevity of the same. It is no wonder that a large percentage of our consultants come to us through employee referrals.

Our clients benefit vastly from the close personal relationship and loyalty we develop with our consultants.