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EiferIT's Offshore Development Center has the latest infrastructure available for your remote project teams. The communication links allow offshore teams to undertake new project development rapidly.

Ability to ramp up large teams quickly On-demand access to highly skilled professionals in US and India.

Fastest delivery with 24x7 operations Eifer IT's on-site/offshore business model allows us to operate across two completely separate time zones enabling customers to benefit from two complete workdays for every 24-hour period. This workday allows Eifer to deliver more productivity and continuity of development than traditional development models

Cost Reduction

The favorable currency exchange rate and lower labor costs in India equal savings for clients. Eifer IT provides world-class software engineering and project management services at significant cost savings. By leveraging the cost advantages of our on-site/offshore business model, with flexible delivery options, our clients achieve true cost savings with a Eifer-engineered solution.

  • Exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and performance of solutions.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and systems.
  • Timely deliveries to meet customer requirements.